How to protect your short sighted child’s eyes

Myopia has become a global epidemic, with over 50% of the world’s population expected to be myopic by 2050. But what exactly is myopia? Commonly known as short-sightedness, this vision correction issue occurs when the eyeball becomes elongated, which means light rays focus in front of the retina at the back of your eye, rather than on it. This results in blurry distance vision.

When people are short sighted, glasses or contact lenses are usually required to correct their vision, however, stronger prescriptions can lead to eye complications – read on to find out more about protecting children’s vision from the effects of myopia as well as our top myopia management options.

A word on myopia

Children are more likely to become myopic if one or both parents are also short-sighted. In addition, research suggests that a dramatic increase in screen time and more time spent indoors over the last few years have accelerated the prevalence of myopia among children, who are now developing it at earlier ages.

Myopia management

While studies indicate that spending at least 2 hours outside every day can help prevent kids from developing myopia, if they already have it and their prescriptions increase as they grow older, there are still consequences to consider.

Some of the complications that high myopic prescriptions are associated with in adulthood include an increased risk of developing serious eye conditions like glaucoma or retinal detachments.

Protecting your child’s vision

Fortunately, it’s possible to protect your child’s vision with new, innovative management methods to slow down the rate at which myopia progresses.

We are dedicated to providing the very best children’s eyecare that helps them maintain good vision and eye health for years to come, which is why our optometrists are now accredited to prescribe the following clinically proven treatments.

MiYOSMART spectacle lenses

These revolutionary children’s prescription glasses have been clinically proven to slow down the progression of myopia by up to 60% in children – all thanks to their innovative design that incorporates a myopic defocus effect. In addition to improving vision, they also offer full UV protection, water repellence, and impact resistance, making them the perfect glasses for kids. Best of all, they look and are worn just like regular glasses!

MiSight contact lenses

Children’s contact lenses are also available to combat myopia. These soft daily disposable lenses use specially designed myopia management technology to slow down elongation of the eye. They’re a great choice for active children who don’t want to be restricted by glasses and are also the most hygienic and safest option for contact lenses as they are thrown away at the end of every day.

Book your appointment

An eye exam is the first port of call to check your child’s vision. If it’s been a while since their last one, or if they’re having problems with their vision, book theirs now at our opticians in Brighouse. We would be happy to discuss which myopia management option would work best for them during their appointment, to help protect their future vision.