The benefits of photochromic lenses

We often get asked, what are photochromic lenses? Well, let us tell you all about these intelligent lenses and why we believe they are one of the best inventions in optometry. Imagine glasses lenses that change tint automatically in moments, darkening to adjust to the light and rapidly changing back when the light changes – that’s exactly what these lenses do. Let’s explore these hassle free lenses further…

Photochromic lenses explained

As we’ve already mentioned, photochromic glasses lenses adjust to the wearer’s surroundings, darkening automatically in sunlight and quickly reversing when indoors. It’s UV rays that make the lenses react, and the stronger the rays, the darker the tint. The lenses are clear, like normal glasses lenses, when you’re indoors, but when you go outside and are exposed to UV light, the lenses immediately start to darken, reacting to the light and offering UV protection. These lenses are designed to offer the best clarity with zero hassle to the wearer 24/7.

The technology behind the lenses

Now you know what photochromic lenses are lets dive into how they are created to do what they do. These impressive lenses were first developed in the 1960s and have been improved upon ever since. The lenses are embedded with special molecules that shift and alter when exposed to UV radiation. The radiation then causes the molecules to change and absorb the light, causing a chemical reaction that darkens the lens which enables them to transition to the wearers environment.

Zeiss photochromic lenses

Zeiss is one of the world’s leading optical manufacturers and has developed a photochromic lens to rival the best. Aiming to make switching between optical glasses and sunglasses a thing of the past, Zeiss PhotoFusion X lenses and Zeiss adaptive sun lenses are the product of years of development and innovation.

These Zeiss lenses offer you full UV protection and comfort in any situation. They darken to full sunglasses level in the sun and fade back to clear as soon as you go indoors. Not only that, but they also feature blue light filtering, protecting your eyes from harmful blue light and helping to prevent eye strain. They provide an all-in-one solution for great vision and eye protection. 

Advantages of photochromic lenses

The main advantages of these light-altering lenses should be obvious now. With full UV protection for your eyes and no need to carry sunglasses, you can take advantage of better eye health and convenience at the same time. 

The advantages to your eye health really can’t be overstated. By protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, you’re also protecting against damage that could result in conditions such as cataracts or age-related macular degeneration. You can also save money with photochromic glasses, as you won’t need to buy additional prescription sunglasses. 

Who doesn’t want convenience? When choosing these lenses you are allowing yourself to be stress and hassle free as you don’t have to worry about remembering to bring two pairs of frames out with you. As these lenses are both optical and sunglasses, you don’t need that spare pair of sunglasses for when the sun comes out, you are already sorted!

Get your pair

To find out more about photochromic glasses or order lenses, contact us to book an appointment. We can talk you through the different lens options and help you choose the right frames to suit you.

The only thing to note is that these lenses won’t darken when you’re in the car as car windscreens already filter UV light.