How to prevent Dry Eye this winter

prevent Dry Eye

Dry Eye syndrome is a common condition that can affect you at any time of year, but it’s typically worse in the winter months. Tears naturally lubricate and hydrate the surface of the eyes, helping to keep them moist. Sometimes, tears can dry out or evaporate too quickly, or your…

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Improve your clarity of vision with anti glare lenses

anti glare lenses

With winter approaching, the days are getting darker earlier. For your safety and the safety of those around you when on the road, it’s extremely important to make sure your eyesight is at its best. One way to improve your clarity of vision is by wearing anti glare glasses. So,…

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Our Independent Practice of the Year 2022 Win

SightCare Award 2022

We are so excited to announce that Donovan Smith won the Independent Practice of the Year award at the SightCare Conference 2022! The annual conference celebrates and recognises the outstanding work of Independent Optician Practices in and around the UK. Being shortlisted was an achievement in itself,  and winning the…

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How can advanced retinal scanning protect your vision?

advanced retinal scanning

Your eyes play a vital part in your overall health and are the key to seeing the world in all its beauty. Our optometrists are dedicated to ensuring your eye health is always the best it can be, and they do this in many ways. As we celebrate National Eye…

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Personal eyewear styling for the perfect frames

Personal eyewear

Here at Donovan Smith, we are proud to stock a wide selection of frames from some of the best eyewear brands out there. We understand that having so many styles to choose from can be overwhelming, which is why we offer our personalised eyewear styling service. Read on to find…

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Our top 5 family eyecare essentials when packing for summer holidays

Summer is finally here! With warm weather, abundant sunshine, and the exciting prospect of holidays, our mood can’t help but soar. But amidst all the vacation preparations, it’s easy to overlook the little things, like ensuring proper eye protection. From shielding against harmful UV rays to avoiding common eye infections…

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Are polarised lenses worth it?

Since their invention, sunglasses have been doing a fantastic job of improving visibility and protecting our eyes. However, for those spending more time outdoors or participating in certain sports, glare can be an annoying issue. Even with sunglasses on, finding yourself squinting in bright sunlight is not uncommon. Glare occurs…

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Give the perfect gift of sunglasses this Father’s Day!

If you’re stuck on ideas for Father’s Day gifts, a quality pair of sunglasses are a unique and thoughtful choice for dad. As summer returns, sunglasses can help enhance your dad’s outdoor experience as well as offering UV protection for their eyes. Sunglasses can also be a stylish offering when…

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The benefits of photochromic lenses

We often get asked, what are photochromic lenses? Well, let us tell you all about these intelligent lenses and why we believe they are one of the best inventions in optometry. Imagine glasses lenses that change tint automatically in moments, darkening to adjust to the light and rapidly changing back…

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What you need to know about UV protection

With sunnier days finally here, it’s hard not to get excited about spending time in the great outdoors and soaking up all those rays. However, as much as we love the sun, it’s important to be aware of UV rays and the negative impact prolonged exposure can have on your…

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