A New You In 2023 With Silhouette Eyewear

Glasses so good that NASA astronauts wear them. Supremely well-made and practical. A unique yet sophisticated style statement. That would be Silhouette eyewear!

Silhouette is a third-generation family company based in Austria. Its origins trace back to 1964 when the company was founded by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied. It’s grown from a small family business to one of the most forward-thinking eyewear brands in the world, and we are proud to stock their collections here at our opticians in Brighouse.

The frames are minimalist by design and suit a distinguished, classy look. The brand is also famous for its incredibly vast range of lens shapes – all part of their custom glasses service for both frame features and lenses.

The brand is most famous for their Silhouette rimless glasses, the perfect way to style a more natural look that lets your unique personality shine through. And if rimless isn’t for you, their full rim designs also exude the same class and refinement, meaning there is always an option for everyone.

The lightest glasses frames in the world

In addition to style, you won’t find an eyewear brand more committed to innovation and cutting-edge technology than Silhouette. A total of 264 production steps goes into hand crafting a pair of these glasses, from the highest quality materials, resulting in truly lightweight yet strong eyewear.

The brand’s Titan Minimal Art glasses are known to be the lightest in the world. Screwless and hinge-less, they weigh just 1.8 grams and are certified for space travel. In fact, they’ve been used on over 35 space missions to date. It doesn’t get more high-tech than that!

When they premiered in 1999, the Titan Minimal Art revolutionised the eyewear industry. They’ve since picked up 15 design awards and sold 12 million pairs, making them nothing short of iconic in the eyewear world.

Titanium glasses

As we mentioned, Silhouette uses a range of high-performing materials and precious metals, including titanium, in their frames.

Titanium is always top choice for glasses frames. It’s extremely lightweight and highly durable – just what you want from glasses you wear day in, and day out. Titanium is highly flexible too, meaning the frames can be easily adjusted if they get bent, and don’t lose their shape over time.

The Atelier collection

Silhouette’s Atelier collection also incorporates precious materials like 18 carat gold, diamond embellishments, and natural water buffalo horn for a truly luxurious and sophisticated finish that truly reflects their commitment to creating beautiful eyewear.

Hi-tech plastic frames

Silhouette also offers something sleek and different in a sea of oversized, chunky acetate frames that have been are seen everywhere. These are of course their plastic frames made from patented SPX® polymer composite that takes on colour beautifully, and is hypoallergenic, while maintaining Silhouette’s famed lightness.

Custom glasses to suit any style and face shape

Silhouette frames fully customisable, so we can work with you to create a pair that suits your lifestyle and vision needs to a tee. If you like a particular frame but prefer a different bridge, arm colour, or lens shape, a bespoke pair can be made that meets your exact specifications, so you know you won’t see anyone else wearing Silhouette eyewear quite like yours.

Dare to be different and carve out your personal, sophisticated style with these ultra-modern, ultra-high-tech and ultra-cool minimalist glasses.

To see the full range for yourself, visit our opticians in Brighouse and book a Silhouette frame styling consultation with one of our expert team to see how we can transform your look in 2023.