Improve your clarity of vision with anti glare lenses

With winter approaching, the days are getting darker earlier. For your safety and the safety of those around you when on the road, it’s extremely important to make sure your eyesight is at its best. One way to improve your clarity of vision is by wearing anti glare glasses. So, what exactly are they, and how can they benefit you both on and off the road?

What are anti glare glasses?

As the name implies, anti glare glasses are designed to eliminate glare. To accomplish this, they have a special lens coating that’s also known as anti-reflection, reflection-free, AR or MAR coatings. A lens which has been treated with an anti-glare coating transmits 99.9% of the light, which offers a host of benefits.

sunlight reflections

When exposed to glare from a range of sources including low lying sunlight, reflections off windows and bright lights like headlights reflecting off flat surfaces like car bonnets or wet roads, our pupils get smaller to try to adapt which can hinder your vision.

The purpose of anti glare glasses is to reduce these distracting reflections and improve your clarity of vision so you can safely drive with confidence to your destination.

The benefits of anti glare glasses

Anti glare glasses offer a variety of benefits. Thanks to their technology, you’ll experience sharper and clearer vision during the day and at night. In addition, anti-glare glasses improve your appearance to those looking at you as your eyes aren’t obscured by light reflections.

Anti glare glasses for night driving

anti glare glasses night driving

In honour of Road Safety Week this month, we want to highlight the benefits of anti glare glasses for night driving, specifically. Driving in the dark can become dangerous when light from oncoming headlights is reflecting off the road into your eyes, causing harsh glare and obscuring your vision temporarily, which can stop you from seeing potential hazards, pedestrians, oncoming traffic, or judging a bend in the road ahead.

Glare causes most people to resort to squinting to see properly. This can lead to eye strain, eye fatigue and headaches which all affect your ability to see clearly behind the wheel. This is why anti glare glasses for night driving can be so beneficial, providing comfort and clarity of vision so you can complete your journey with confidence and increased safety.

At our practice, we recommend ZEISS DriveSafe lenses as a suitable choice to keep you and your vision safe behind the wheel in any weather condition. These single-vision or varifocal lenses feature the ZEISS DuraVision® DriveSafe lens coating that reduces glare caused by oncoming cars and streetlights at night. This coating reflects the wavelengths that cause discomfort to our eyes while also being scratch-resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

Whether you’re driving from dawn to dusk or navigating through misty fog to pouring rain, you can rely on ZEISS Luminance Design™ technology. This innovative feature in your DriveSafe lenses considers the changes in your pupil size in both bright and dim lighting conditions. With 97% of wearers satisfied with these lenses whilst driving, we know they could help you, too.

When to wear anti-glare glasses

anti glare glasses for computer

Anti glare glasses aren’t just for driving. It’s also possible to benefit from anti glare glasses for computer use, as they can help eliminate glare emanating from digital screens, alleviating symptoms of digital eye strain like eye fatigue and headaches.

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