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Here at Donovan Smith, we understand the importance of investing in the latest optical technology, which enables us to monitor your eyes for the onset of any potential future problems or conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

We have recently invested in a revolutionary piece of diagnostic equipment that can detect a number of key eye conditions, such as glaucoma, age related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy during a routine eye test. This piece of equipment is called a 3D Optical Coherence Tomography System (3D OCT).

What is OCT?

Ocular Coherence Tomography is an advanced eye scan for people of all ages. Similar to ultrasound, OCT uses light rather than sound waves to illustrate the different layers that make up the back of the eye. This particular 3D OCT unit captures a digital photograph of the surface of the eye at the same time and this can be cross referenced across any areas of concern. The major benefit of this state of the art machine is that it allows your optometrist to see both the back of your eye, and a three dimensional image look beneath the surface of the regular retinal image. Never before, has it been easier to find out the exact state and location of a particular eye condition. We can review the images on a PC screen and pin point areas of concern by digitally peeling the layers back until they define what it is that they have identified as requiring further investigation.

Using this machine, your optometrist can more confidently diagnose, manage and refer you to a specialist for further treatment, should this be required. Striving to provide the best eye care, We can now provide this state of the art diagnostic tool with your eye test, if you so desire. There is an additional charge for the OCT scan, but the benefits are obvious. The software can automatically detect even the most subtle changes in the retina with every eye test you take. This gives an invaluable on-going record of the health and condition of your eyes. Make sure that when booking your next eye test, you ask about an OCT scan.


Receive peace of mind that your vision and eye health are in top condition with the next generation of eye care technology

A detailed image of your eye enables our experienced optometrists to examine the health of your eyes accurately and easily. To do this, we use the very latest optical technology known as the Optomap Daytona.

Your eye is the only place in the body where it’s possible to look in from the outside and see blood vessels, arteries and even a cranial nerve. Using the Optomap we are able to ensure that your health, as well as vision, is in top condition.

The Optomap takes a detailed image of the inside of your eye, mapping a representation of up to 80% of the inside of your eye. The image can be easily stored, referred to, and compared for future use. This is a fantastic tool that helps us to give you exceptional eye care, simply because we are able to refer to past Optomap images and monitor your eyes’ development.

Without optomap®

Traditional scans can only record about 15% of the retina
at any one time


   With optomap® scan

   The optomap® shows 80% of retina

The procedure is very quick and non-invasive. We don’t need to dilate your pupils either, so there is no need to worry about eye drops or sore eyes. With a push of a button, the machine generates a detailed image of your retina so that our experienced optometrist can analyse your health and vision strength. It helps us to spot anything that a standard eye examination may have missed.

We will be able to detect the early signs of eye conditions such as retinal tears and detachments, macular degeneration and glaucoma, and non-eye diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

One quick scan shows 80% of a retina, helping your
optometrist to immediately identify potential health issues

Once our optometrist has analysed the image of the inside of your eye, they will explain their findings to you, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. If you like, we can give you a printed copy of your eye or send the image to your email address.

You can read more information about the Optos OCT scan on the Optos website

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