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Yorkshire’s kids like running around and getting into all kinds of mischief, so it’s important we look after our little ones’ eyes.  And the government actually make it easy – as children are entitled to free NHS sight test up to the age of 18 if they’re in full time education.  At Donovan Smith we recognize how important it is to look after your family’s vision, so we’ve dedicated a whole floor of our practice to children’s frames.

So what’s so special about your kids’ vision?  Children’s eyes are different as, like their bodies, their eyes and sight are still growing and developing.  It’s therefore important to offer them a range of eye care options to prepare them for a healthy adulthood.  For example, we closely monitor kids for squints, eye turns and lazy eyes these can effect how they view the world in 3D and their perception of depth effecting their learning and development.

Whether your child has good vision or requires a helping hand, our most important advice is to make sure your children’s eyes are protected from UV radiation.  Most of us use sun-cream to protect our skin from these rays, but even though our eyes are one of the most sensitive and exposed organs, they often get neglected.  It is vitally important to protect against UV with sunspecs that are 100% UV blocking and fit well to prevent stray light entering the eye. This will help keep your brood maintain good vision well into the future.